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Here you can find stuff I keep myself busy with when not at work! (Actually this is what I do for a living as well!) All related to electronics. I've included color pictures and some programs from my book "Complete PIC® MCU Programming and Project Guide" as well.

Jannie Hamman

This is me!

I am a C&IE engineer, married to Karin and have 3 kids, Chantelle, Janika and WF. Only my son is still in school.
I am currently working as Lead Electronic Design Engineer on a big telecoms (IoT) project for Saturn5.
We, however, moving soon (May 2019) back to Middelburg, Mpumalanga, as I accepted a Plant Engineering position there!
We live in Essenwood, Durban, KZN, South Africa.
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My Book

Now available as e-book!  ONLY US$19 !!!


This 967 page book covers the programming of PICĀ® microcontrollers in CCS C V5 in a practical hands-on approach.

It also has complete examples of all functions and circuits for you to build and use.

The PIC16F88 was used as a starting point, used here to connect various sensors.

I then move on to stuff like TFT displays, USB, GSM and GPS.

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